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Summer Camps - What to Bring / What Not to Bring



  • Bible, pencil, small notebook
  • Sleeping bag or blankets
  • Sheets, pillow and case
  • Casual clothing (see STANDARDS)
  • A pair of old long pants, socks, and closed-toed shoes are required for some activities!
  • Swimming suit (see STANDARDS)
  • Two or three dress-up outfits (entirely optional)
  • Towels and personal hygiene articles
  • Warm sweater or jacket, rain wear
  • Sunscreen, insect repellent
  • Money for snacks, crafts, offerings and bookstore (optional)
  • Ball glove, camera (optional)
  • Extra pair of old socks and tennis shoes (closed-toed shoes required for some activities!)
  • Large garbage bag (for carrying out wet clothes the last day)
Label everything: Please mark everything with the camper’s name, especially towels, shirts, cameras, etc. Campers tend to lose unlabeled items.


Radios CD Players iPods, iPads, (etc)
Cell Phones Electronic Games Knives
Fireworks Books (except devotionals) Magazines
Squirt Guns Body Rings (body piercings) Alcohol
Tobacco Products Laser pens/pointers Illegal drugs
Firearms Short shorts or yoga pants Crop tops
Spaghetti straps Loose-fitting muscle shirts Shirts promoting alcohol
tobacco, secular music
or the occult

All medications must be administered by our camp nurse. If your camper needs to take medication at camp, you must turn them in to the camp nurse at the registration table upon arrival. All over-the-counter and non-prescription drugs must remain in the ORIGINAL CONTAINER. All prescription medications must be in a PHARMACY-LABELED container with the camper’s name on it. Loose pills will not be accepted.