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Summer Camps - Typical Day


    A Typical Day
    (Times vary slightly for different ages)

    7:30 Rise n’ Shine
    8:10 Flag Raising and Prayer
    8:15 BREAKFAST
    9:00 Cabin Clean Up
    9:15 MISSIONS TIME (Hear how God’s working today!)
    10:15 Instruction Time* (activity of choice)
    11:10 Cabin Bible Study (How can I study God’s Word?)
    12:00 DINNER
    1:00 Rest Time (A quick nap or memorize God’s word)
    2:00 Team Time
    3:00 Acorn (Snack Shop)
    3:15 Girls Swim/Guys Afternoon Action (activity of choice)
    4:15 Guys Swim/Girls Afternoon Action (activity of choice)
    6:00 SUPPER
    6:30 Evening Action (Group Game)
    7:45 EVENING SERVICE (age appropriate)
    9:00 Acorn (Snack Shop)
    9:30 Cabin Devo’s (Something to think about while drifting off…)
    10:00 Lights Out!