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Summer Camps - Scholarships and Family Discount


We desire that financial pressures not hinder anyone from experiencing a week of camp at RRBC. Through gifts from various families (commonly at our registration time), we are able to offer scholarships of $85; this covers half the early-registration cost of a week of camp. This scholarship is only available for full-week camps (Junior 1-2, Junior High, and Senior High). To obtain a scholarship, parents need to have their pastor or church leader contact us, verifying that the camper’s family is in need of the scholarship, mentioning the camper’s name. We then ask that the parents include a note along with their registration stating that they are using the scholarship so that we can process the registration properly. If you have further questions, please contact the camp office.

Family Discount
A family discount is available for Junior 1-2, Junior High, and Senior High camps. The first two children from a family pay regular price and the third child from the same family pays a $120 registration fee. Any additional campers from the same family pay $110 each. Please register as a family unit.